…"There is a 'calm' in the centre of every storm that quietly suggests all the power that surrounds it. In the area of Human Potential, Murray Goldsmith is that 'calm'."
L. H. Gold,
Western World Communication Ltd.

…"I've attended several of Murray Goldsmith's stress management training seminars and motivational talks. I have learned something different from each one."
Gino Schincariol,
Sutton Group Fox Realty Inc.

…"Murray Goldsmith's masterful performance is so entertaining that it comes as a surprise to discover the valuable lessons that have been learned in the process. This program is vastly worthwhile."
Margo Baird,
Associate Broker,
Lauer Realty Ltd.

…"Murray Goldsmith's versatility was the hallmark of his work with us at Shell. He moved through several departments, tailoring his motivational counseling to the specific needs, which he readily addressed in each one. The result is a measurable success."
Bob Davie,
Director of Training,
Shell Canada Ltd.

…"This is not a do-it-better-for-the-company type of lecture. It is, however, a real down-to-earth discussion of practical personal values based on common sense."
Gene Hull,
Scandinavian Cruise Lines.

…"I recommend Murray highly to anyone. He shows you how to come up with the answers."
Bert Davies,
B.C. Paraplegic Foundation.

…"I ran the Boston marathon in memorable time. I was so relaxed I could have continued on longer. Thanks Murray.
Dr. Robert Glasser,

…"The power of positive thought and the methods taught to reduce stress by Murray Goldsmith have changed the attitudes of myself, my family and my employees."
Geoff Bidwell, President, Bridgeport Carpets.

…"Not just a light at the end of a tunnel, but a new dawn on a new life."
Clifford Miller,
Henry Birks & Sons.

…"Please convey to Murray our appreciation for a fine "performance." He wove the message into his presentation at just the right time and in the right amount. We will recommend him at every opportunity."
J. Murray Taylor,
President, Royal City Realty Limited.

…"My first inclination was to pass on an invitation to hear Murray Goldsmith speak. I have to thank my friend who persuaded me to attend. Mr. Goldsmith proved to be one of the best speakers I have ever encountered. He was informative, entertaining and well worth seeing. I would highly recommend his program and would not hesitate to see him again in the future."
Edward Nelson, President, Homelife Emerald Realty.

…"We appreciate your positive energy and devotion to "healthy minds" and the power of self motivation. Our guests were enchanted and were talking about your delightful presentation the next day.
Carol Upper,
Director of Spa & Hotel Operations,
Doral Saturnia International Spa Resort.

…"Stress Management "Lite" Was the greatest we have ever seen. We could not express how much we and our guests enjoyed the evening. We look forward to doing it again.
Waren J. Elliot,
Director of Speakers and By Laws,
Toronto Users Group for Midrange Systems.