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“The Power of Your Belief System”™ 


The following is the basic foundation to my seminar:


Mood & Attitude!

I'm sure we concur that a positive attitude should be the number one priority in each person's job description, in order to work together as a successful team. They must share a common goal and a positive, productive frame of mind. Anyone can give a "Pep Talk" and temporarily induce this type of mood, however, my training methods have shown to give people the ability to keep a positive attitude for extended periods of time - years. Everyone has the ability to feel great. I teach people to utilize this ability and reduce the time and money lost to negative, non-productive attitudes. The result is a contagious positive attitude.



Research has proven that motivation must come from within the individual. All persons have the necessary tools to motivate themselves, to achieve their own personal goals and therefore, the common goals of their company. Ninety-five percent of all management personnel make the mistake of "trying" to motivate their work force through traditional, "textbook" motivational programs. This approach rarely works! I teach people to use the tools they have to motivate themselves. This is the simplest and only method proven to instil "Perpetual Motivation"



Retention of my programs has been shown to be 85% at the end of three years. The reason for this is that, right from the start, I teach people the mental tool of concentration. This is necessary in teaching a person to learn and retain information and data, which is imperative to their individual tasks. Most important, to be a good listener. I also show each individual how to reduce their stress and increase their level of self-confidence, which is imperative in a winning team. Enjoyment of the work we are doing is the surest way to increased earnings for the individual and therefore the corporation.



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On the lighter side

Stress Management "Lite"

Talks are individually tailored for your group's specific needs. It is very informative and audience participation is invited.

It will be, without question, the most fun you've ever had while learning how to lower your stress level and increase your self -confidence.

Depending on your function, it may contain various demonstrations.


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"The Power is in Your Belief System"

This program includes the audience from start to finish and contains impossible escapes, hypnosis demonstrations, comedy, magic and a lot of side-splitting fun.

Entertainment with a positive message!



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Kids Stress.

Senior Stress Break

Self Hypnosis

Your Doctor May Be Hazardous to Your Health

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"The Power of Your Belief System"

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"The Power of Your Belief System"

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"The Power of Your Belief System"

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