Murray Goldsmith, motivational speaker, is truly a man of many talents. He has entertained audiences throughout North America for over 30 years with his stimulating and humorous talks on the "Power of Your Belief System", Stress Management and Motivation. He is a man with a great sense of wit and knowledge in all aspects of life. This combination is automatically entertaining wherever he goes

As a Hypnotherapist, he founded the National Institute of Hypnotism and his research into the conscious and sub-conscious mind, stress management and motivation, has won him International Acclaim. He has taught doctors, dentists, psychologists and psychiatrists the science of hypnosis. As a "Life Skills" teacher and motivator, Murray has helped thousands of people reach their true potential in both their business and personal life.

His accomplishments as an entertainer, author, teacher, consultant and director have been written up by news media all over the world. Murray is also a stage hypnotist as well as an accomplished magician and has performed countless record breaking feats.

He has appeared on over 100 television and radio shows. His talks and seminars are enhanced by these unusual and varied talents. He captures his audience with entertainment while delivering his powerful message.

His unique and highly entertaining seminar, "The Power of Your Belief System" demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that your belief system is 100% responsible for the results you experience in every area of your life.

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