Special thanks

Special thanks to the following prominent physicians for their
help and support in the development of my philosophy…

“The Power of Your Belief System”


“Peaceful thoughts release beneficial hormones while fearful ones let out harmful ones”
Dr. Hans Selye - Director
Institute of Experimental Medicine and Surgery,
University of Montreal.

“Depression is behind all physical and mental disease. If you get sick, its because you’ve been thinking screwy. Diseases are misinterpretations of and struggles against the real world.”
Dr. Wallace Ellerbroek – Psychiatrist & General Surgeon
Metropolitan State Hospital
Norwalk, California.

“The evidence of the psychological component in disease is overwhelming.”
Dr. Rene Dubos – Pulitzer prize Winner
Rockefeller University
New York, NY

“Positive thinking gets cancer to loosen its grip.”
Dr. Carl Simonton
Simonton Cancer Center
Malibu CA

“…virtually all states of health, all states of disease in the United States have some stress-related component and are to some degree psychosomatic.”
Dr. Ken Pelletier - Professor
School of Medicine
University of California

“Pain is attitude…the production of endorphins has to do unconsciously with the patient’s belief system.”
Dr. David E Bresler
Director of the U.C.L.A. Pain Control Unit.

“Consciously or unconsciously, a patient can forecast his own sickness or death.”
Dr. Barney Dlin – Psychiatrist
Temple University Philadelphia.